Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank god for James Carville.

I, like many, am blown away by the fact that the media is calling the VP debate "a draw." To anyone who watched the debate, it was clear that Senator Biden was the better speaker, had way more substance in his answers, and ACTUALLY ANSWERED THE QUESTIONS HE WAS ASKED. Immediately! He answered the questions very clearly, right after they were asked and quickly went on to explain his answer and stance. Sarah Palin merely parroted lines she had clearly been rehearsing for days, and even seemed to be running on intellectual fumes during the last couple rounds of questioning. Is that "a draw?" I don't think so. AMERICA doesn't even think so. As the media continues to say that both VP candidates performed equally as well, poll after poll after poll is showing that the majority American people know that Senator Biden was the clear winner of the debate. Let me say that for you again, POLL AFTER POLL IS SHOWING THAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, NOT JUST DEMOCRATS, NOT JUST REPUBLICANS, BUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AS A WHOLE RECOGNIZE THAT SENATOR BIDEN CLEARLY WON THE DEBATE. So how could the media say that it was even close? I've heard it over and over and over, "Well, she didn't screw up!" Well I've got news for the newscasters: non-failure is NOT synonymous with success. Just because she didn't make herself look like a total fool (yet again) does NOT mean that she did a "great job," as so many anchors are putting it. She did do an amazing job of referencing her political experience during the debate; I feel like I now know enough about Alaska to write a book. What don't I know enough about? How the GOP plans to stop giving major tax cuts to big oil. Wait, they're not going to stop? 4 billion what now? DOLLARS?? And that's been pointed out how many times??? Nah, not a big deal. Don't worry about addressing it with your rebuttal; let's talk more about Alaska and mavericks.

So you watch the debate. You see Senator Biden driving home point after point, even going as far as to repeat, repeat, REPEAT key points that are integral to the election. You see Biden answering the questions he's asked and being absolutely firm on his beliefs. You see Governor Palin talking in circles and skirting around many, many of the questions. You see Biden AND debate moderator Gwen Ifill both trying to wrangle Palin in from her longwinded circuitous responses and see that she actually does answer the question she's been asked. You see Governor Palin advocate the "new" idea of having a "Joe Six-Pack" in Washington. Did the last 8 years of having "Joe Six-Pack" as commander-in-chief not yet convince us that we need someone with much more competency than your everyday "Joe Six-Pack" to run the White house successfully?

To get back to my main point, the media is saying that Governor Palin's folksy riffraff carried the same amount of weight as Biden's absolutely clear message, his undeniable passion for our country, and his relentless desire to do what he believes is right for the American people. Damn liberal media! Wait, what?

Enter my favorite political commentator, the Ragin' Cajun James Carville. As I was sitting in disbelief in front of the computer screen as I listened to anchor after anchor say Governor Palin did a "great job," I thought to myself, "I wonder what the Ragin' Cajun thinks." This morning, my question was answered. Thank you Mr. Carville for giving a voice to the critical thinkers of the American public.

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