Sunday, March 1, 2009

Funny Faces from Around the Web

I was doing a Google Image Search for one of my favorite singers from the 60's, and it turns out that every singer from the 60's still tours on the oldies circuit and also has their own awful website with galleries of them next to other oldies stars. I've selected a few that I think others should see.

Let's start with some pictures of this Wolfman-type character. This is "a recent publicity photo." Love the satin jacket and gold chain.

Our wolfie friend and a guy who can get you a really good deal on a 1984 Camaro that was owned by Andrew Dice Clay.


The guy on the right's face is in a constant state of "Fahgeddahbahdit!"

I bet this guy's a riot at parties.

"Me want Honeycomb!"

A guy in a black hat poses with my friend, Owen Dennis.

Didn't I take Intro to Film with him?

The world's biggest creeper tries out his new smoking jacket.

"Welcome to our mortuary!"

Haha that guy on the left, love that mustache, how it takes up the entirety of his upper lip area.

Whoop! There he is again!

Diggin' the shades, man. He looks like someone flattened Burt Reynold's face with a frying pan.

And finally, our Wolfman friend poses with Mumm-ra of the Thundercats.

I have an endless supply of images like these, it is unlikely that this will be my last post of them.


Toby Jones said...


whitney said...


this sent me in to a fit of hysterics!

intro to film...

by the way... my dad's nickname in highschool was "wolfie"

I dont know why.

Toby Jones said...

My Dad's nickname in high school was "ears" because one of his ears is lower than the other.

Owen Dennis! said...

The Tom Debiaso character made me lol a lot

bbury said...

I thought this was not very funny, don't you have a animation to do?

whitney said...

toby: that's mean when people get nicknames because of their misfortunes.

Reynaldo Leon said...

I believe the guy with the shades and mustache/flatten faced Burt Raynolds was a member of the Village People.
Don't ask me why I know this. :-P

tim sievert said...

Yeah that guys is Dave Forrest from the village people.