Friday, November 21, 2008

Batman: Brave & Bold: The Verdict

Guilty. Guilty of being the most fun I've had watching a superhero cartoon since the original Batman: The Animated Series. Brave & Bold takes us back to the days when Batman knew how to smile. Don't get me wrong, I love the deep, brooding Dark Knight of Batman: TAS, but I've seen that for over a decade now. I've seen Batman stalk the blackest alleys of Gotham in search of the man who laughs. In just the first episode of Brave & Bold, we get to see Batman team up with the Green Arrow and whoop on Clock King.

And that's just in the intro. The rest of the episode focuses on Blue Beetle and Batman travel through space to an alien planet, where the native species (some adorable little goo men) is being rocked by the evil alien dictator, Kanjar Ro....COOL. A nice change of pace from the more Earthly stories in past Batman cartoons.

The animation is great. Really snappy and fun to watch! Batman's voice is a little different than I'm used to, but I can get over that. The entire show has a really lighthearted feel that is like anything but a Batman show. That may turn some off, but I absolutely love it. I like both the dark "Tim Burton" version of Batman and the campy Batman, like the old live action show. By now, I know what Bruce looks like as he stews in his pitch black Batcave. Show me something different! Show me something with some real imagination! Something like this:

Is that Batman being chased by a T-Rex?! Yes it is. Why? Watch tonight's episode to find out. You should also watch it for a number of other reasons, like those I mentioned above, and these teasers for tonight's episode:

GOTTA find out what this is all about...

Who is that up there in the white coat and hat? The Gentleman Ghost?? I LOVE THAT THE SHOW USES SECOND TIER CHARACTERS. Batman's already got the greatest and most well known rogues gallery of all time, why not give this guy some play?

Great design, top notch animation, insanely imaginative stories, this show is F-U-N FUN TO WATCH. Love that theme song too! Clear your mind of all the images of Bats creeping through the shadows and check out Batman: The Brave & Bold tonight (Friday) on CARTOON NETWORK at 7pm CENTRAL and catch Gorilla Grodd and....P-P-P-PLASTIC MAAAAAAAANNN!

I also suggest you take a look at the new Batman: Brave & Bold Website! It's actually really cool. It's got some pretty killer behind-the-scenes videos. Betcha didn't know they still break down their dialogue track the old school analog way. Watch some of those behind-the-scenes vids, very interesting.

The InterAction Figures feature is pretty nifty. It's like having a real action figure, except this one is online and cooler and can do a bunch of stuff and give you information about the characters. Plus it doesn't cost money or take up space, like a real action figure does.

The Game is also pretty addicting, and it actually has some depth to it, which is nice. Team up Batman with other characters and defeat the missions. Pretty fun platformer, I'm not very good at it yet, but I'll keep trying.

DO NOT MISS Batman: The Brave & The Bold tonight, and every Friday at 7pm Central!! It's got Plastic Man in it, so you've gotta get on it.


Ghetto Satisfaction said...

I wish I had cable. Cartoon Network is getting a lot better these days.

Love is Hell said...

that rubber band picture is doooope

Nando Brandi said...

I curious to see it now!

Nando Brandi said...

i speak like tarzan too