Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Crest Production Board

Finished the production boards for my Crest assignment in Storyboarding class.


Joshm said...

Nice work here, man!

B A S I I K & Y O U said...

I like the Crest symbol emitting the rainbow of doom as well.

Also, I crumpled up the foil that held the leftover pizza crusts from last night and threw it on the floor in hopes of Emily leaving me alone (we need to get her a friend. Stat) and she's going bat shit crazy with it all over the apartment.

Just thought you should know.

Owen Dennis! said...

Good end gag. I can easily see that as being marketable. *thumbs up*

auntielins aka mum said...

That's great!

Love is Hell said...

frame 5C is DOOPEEE

man u are a comment whore im such a prude compared to you