Tuesday, October 7, 2008

1960's Viewmaster Images

These are some scans of Viewmaster slides from the 1960's I found around the web. Viewmasters work by using two photos of the same subject taken at slightly different angles. What you end up seeing is a stereoscopic image, 3-D if you will. Because these are scans of just one slide at a time, they won't look stereoscopic to you. I'm just going to assume you've all used a Viewmaster in your lifetime, and if not, you'll go here: http://www.3dexpo.com/parallel.htm Onto the images. The subjects in the slides are real-life 3-dimensional statuettes and sets. I guarantee any Hollywood 3-D CG takes on these characters wouldn't look nearly as great as these.

First, some Flintstones slides. Aren't these amazing?

I want to have one of these sets in my house. They're so damn cool. These Yogi Bear slides were linked to on Cartoon Brew recently, and rightfully so.

Awesome. Just awesome. Disney got in on it too.

This one's pretty hilarious...

Somebody baked Elmer a little too long.

And finally, something from the Charles Schulz camp. These translated to 3-D especially well. On a side note, if you haven't seen any Peanuts animated specials since you were 5, give them a try again this coming appropriate holiday season. They're a lot funnier than I remembered them being.


BASIIK & YOU said...

These are amazing. I'd totally be into old cartoons if the were all this adorable.

I sound like an idiot!

Love is Hell said...

fuckin cool

blood loss sway said...

yeah, excellent post. Tin & Ed had a viewmaster and tons of decade-specific slides, they are so much fun. Also, I'm in illustration right now, and we were just assigned to make our next illustration using a foreign medium, alot of clay diorama-esque pieces were shown. That coupled with this post really make me wanna crack out some sculpty.

whitney said...

that one of pooh is sooooooooo cute.

Owen Dennis! said...

I like that the Flintstones ones are also not very subtly sexist in showing that women don't know how to drive.

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Francesca Slone said...

Fred and Barney used to light a cig way back then. Or so I heard, heh. These images kind of give credence to that, since these look more like old action photographs, than children's television. There's really that elegance in Viewmasters, these mists of a time lived epitomized by the 3D photography employed, casting a precious kind of blur to the image that makes it all enthralling, like stolen moments instead of mere stills. They should keep on making this; 3Ds all over the theaters now anyways.