Friday, March 20, 2009

Boshi-Basiik Designs wrote a nice article about my girlfriend Susan's company, Boshi-Basiik recently. Amidst the table of Susan's adorable hats is one I actually designed: the Koala. It's light blue..and on her head. I designed a handful of hats for Basiik over this past summer, and thought I'd post some here now that they've been made. They were scribbled pretty quickly in Flash, but they're kind of fun.

The aforementioned koala design.

The obligatory owl design. I gave this one ear flaps that are actually little wings, which I think are cute, though a bit much for handmade bulk production.

This raccoon-looking character is actually a Tanuki (Japanese raccoon dog). This was the first hat design I came up with, and originally did so just because I planned on begging Susan for a custom hat of that design. It's also my favorite one, probably because it's the one I wanted in the first place.

And of course, the line wouldn't be complete without a hat of our wonderful cat, Mudjo. And this post wouldn't be complete without this picture of him after he wedged his plump body into a shoebox on the desk next to me.


Anonymous said...

Mudjo in the shoebox! Totally forgot about that picture!

Anonymous said...

I love Mudjo! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and awesome article! Great going, Susan!(and very well deserved)

bbury said...

who designed the hats?

justin_mckinley said...

i adore mudjo— he is a noble creature with a lot of fur.

Crivelliman said...

Thanks for the reference, sir! Her site and stuff are spectacular. And your designs are pretty kickass, too. She's a trouper-- she wore that Koala hat the entire con.

I think the owl is up next for my next purchase, so long as it has those little ear-flappy things.