Saturday, March 14, 2009

Forbidden Island

Here's my latest environment comp. I looked at this next to the other illustration I'm working on at the moment (coloring my waterfall drawing) and I realized that this piece is really boring comparatively, even though I personally like it. My future environment compositions will hopefully have a bit more going on, in terms of design. That said, as boring as it is, I'm sorta into it. My love for Mary Blair's conceptual work on Peter Pan definitely played a role this one. I sort of based it on that particular body of work, but not directly. Instead of using her work as reference for style, I used my cloudy memory of what I could remember her Peter Pan work looking like. The result ended up not really looking like the Mary Blair work much at all, but had a similar tone to it.

1 comment:

blood loss sway said...

Yeah, love it a lot. The birds flying away, by the unconnected leaves... really nice.